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Download SSC CGL 2018 Tier 2, Math Paper, 11 September 2019

Download SSC (Staff Selection Commission) CGL (Combined Graduate Level Examination) 2018 Tier 2 , Math Paper Was Held on 11 September 2019

SSC CGL 2018 Tier 2 Math Paper PDF
SSC CGL 2018 Tier 2 Math Paper PDF

Question :- 5
The average of thirteen number is 47. The average of the first three numbers is 39 and that of next seven numbers is 49. The 11th number is two times the 12th number and 12th number is 3 less than the 13th number. What is the average of 11th and 13th number?
a)    54.5
b)    57
c)    56
d)    55.5

Question :- 8
 The graphs of the equations 3x+y-5=0 and 2x-y-5=0 intersect at the point P (α,β). What is the value of (3α + β) ?
 a)    4
 b)   -4
 c)    3
 d)    5

Question :- 11
In ∆ABC, D is point on side BC such that ∠ADC = ∠BAC. If CA= 12cm, CB=8cm, then CD is equal to:
a.    12 cm
b.    15 cm
c.    18 cm
d.    16 cm

Question :- 12
A Person Makes his goods x% above the cost price and allows a discount of 30%on the marked price. If his profit is 5%. Then the value of x will be:
a.    50
b.    60
c.    45
d.    35

Question :- 14
A right circular cylinder of maximum volume is cut out from a solid wooden cube. The material left is what percentage of the volume (nearest to an integer) of the original cube?
a.    19
b.    28
c.    23
d.    21

Question :- 17
If A is 28% more than B and C is 25% less than the sum of A and B. Then by what percentage will C be more than A (correct to one decimal place)?
a.    32.2%
b.    28%
c.    43%
d.    33.6%

Question :- 21
In a school , 4/9 of the numbers of students are girls and the rest are boys. 3/5 of the number of the boys are below 12 years of age and 5/12 of the number of the numbers are girls are 12 years or above 12 years of age. If the number of student below 12 years of age is 480, then 5/18 of the total number of student in the school will be equal to :
a.    270
b.    315
c.    225
d.    240

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