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SSC CGL 2020 English Adjective Practice Set Free PDF Download

Question: - Directions (1-50): In these questions, read each sentence to find out whether there is any error    in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. (Ignore errors of Punctuation, if any.)


SSC CGL 2020 English Adjective Practice Sets Free PDF Download
SSC CGL 2020 English Adjective Practice Sets Free PDF Download

1.    This is (a)/ the most (b)/ perfect system. (c)/ No Error (d)
2.    He has much (a)/ sense than (b)/ that you have. (c)/ No Error (d)
3.    Death is (a)/ more preferable (b)/ to dishonour. (c)/ No Error (d)
4.    There are (a)/ not much books in (b)/ the library. (c)/ No Error (d)
5.    Television has (a)/ much harmful (b)/ than useful. (c)/ No Error (d)
6.    Radha is (a)/ the older of (b)/ the two (c)/ sisters. (d)/ No Error (e)
7.    Ram is junior than (a)/ Shyam and (b)/ older than Ganesh. (c)/ No Error (d)
8.    It was ten (a)/ times more difficult (b)/ than I expected. (c)/ No Error (d)
9.    The play (a)/ put up by my college (b)/ is better than other colleges. (c)/ No Error (d)
10.    You should learn (a)/ how to avoid (b)/ these kind of errors. (c)/ No Error (d)
11.    The teacher (a)/ will give (b)/ the students (c)/ a verbal test. (d)/ No Error (e)
12.    I find the (a)/ weather of Bangalore most (b)/ ideal for hard work. (c)/ No Error (d)
13.    He was beaten bad (a) and was left (b)/ completely black and blue. (c)/ No error. (d)
14.    Everything will be done (a)/ to bring responsible people to justice. (c)/ No Error (d)
15.    This bag is (a) / is twice heavier than (b) the bag you are carrying. (c) No Error (d)
16.    The further you (a)/ go from your home, the (b)/ more you remember it (c)/ No Error (d)
17.    On a holiday (a)/ Madhu prefers reading (b)/ than going to the cinema (c)/ No Error (d)
18.    We need to examine (a)/ all the involved costs (b)/ in the project first. (c)/ No Error (d)
19.    This is the more difficult (a)/ place of work (b)/ I have ever undertaken (c)/ No Error (d)
20.    She can't sing (a)/ much than four songs at (c)/ a stretch', he informed. (c)/ No Error (d)

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