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SSC CGL 2020 English Phrasal Verbs Practice Set Free PDF Download

Question: - Directions (1-37): In these questions, read each sentence to find out whether there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. (Ignore errors of Punctuation, if any.)

SSC CGL 2020 English Phrasal Verbs Practice Set Free PDF Download
SSC CGL 2020 English Phrasal Verbs Practice Set Free PDF Download

1. He held __________ to the books passionately.
(a) on             (b) in             (c) off             (d) away

2. The teacher gives many examples to _________  the idea contained in the poem.
(a) bring about     (b) bring in         (c) bring forth         (d) bring out

3. A person who _____ on his own effort has the best chance to win.
(a) makes         (b) puts         (c) relies         (d) runs

4. The meeting is _______ because the funds have not arrived.
(a) put in         (b) put off         (c) put away         (d) put out

5. Today students should be reconciled ________ the way things are changing.
(a) with         (b) to             (c) for             (d) at

6. They have had to put __________ the football match because of snow.
(a) of             (b) off             (c) up             (d) on

7. The dramatist must cater _______ the taste of the audience.
(a) to             (b) over         (c) into         (d) for

8. I always fall ______ old friends in times of need.
(a) over         (b) through         (c) back on         (d) off

9. When he got married he _________ a life insurance policy.
(a) took up         (b) took out         (c) took in         (d) took over

10. He did not qualify ______  the job.
(a) for             (b) to             (c) against         (d) with

11. We have talked a lot ; now let us _________ to work.
(a) get down         (b) set off         (c) take off         (d) sit up

12. I prevailed __________ him to contest the election.
(a) on             (b) off             (c) over         (d) of

13. She is sad, because her father turned ________ her request.
(a) up             (b) off             (c) out             (d) down

14. The aim of education is to _________ the best in students.
(a) bring on         (b) bring in         (c) bring about     (d) bring out

15. A thorough search of the aircraft was carried _________ in the airport.
(a) out             (b) off             (c) on             (d) along

16. Our teacher __________ several points before the exams.
(a) cleared off         (b) cleared away     (c) cleared up         (d) cleared out

17. I ___________ your house yesterday.
(a) past by         (b) passing by     (c) pasting by         (d) passed by

18. Can you please _________ my web site just before I publish it ?
(a) find out         (b) go through     (c) set out         (d) look up

19. The statue __________ a global symbol of freedom.
(a) stands to         (b) stands for         (c) stands as         (d) stands against

20. He ________ his father.
(a) takes back     (b) takes after         (c) takes off         (d) takes out

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