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[PDF] SSC CHSL 5 July 2019, Shift 2 Paper Download

Download SSC (Staff Selection Commission) CHSL (Combined Higher Secondary Level ) 2018 Tier 1, Shift 2, Was Held on 5 July 2019.

SSC CHSL 5 July 2019, Shift 2 Paper Download Free

SSC CHSL 5 July 2019, Shift 1 Paper Download Free
SSC CHSL 5 July 2019, Shift 1 Paper Download Free

General Intelligence and Reasoning

For the following questions answer them individually

Q1:- Select the set in which the numbers are related in the same way as are the numbers of the following set.
(16, 24, 88)
a.    (12, 18, 64)
b.    (18, 27, 98)
c.    (20, 30, 100)
d.    (14, 21, 77)

Q2:- In a code language, ADVOCATE is written as QXFCCRYA. How will DIALOGUE be written as in that language?

Q3:- Three of the following four letter-clusters are alike in a certain way and one is different. Pick the odd one out.
a.    CFJM
b.    PSVY
c.    KNQT
d.    SVYB

Q4:- Three persons A, B and C have different amounts of rupees with them. If C takes ₹11 from A, C will have equal amount as B has. B and C together have total ₹111. How many rupees does C have?
a.    60
b.    65
c.    50
d.    70

Q6:- Select the correct alternative to indicate the arrangement of the following activities in a logical and meaningful order.
1. Filling-in application form
2. Bank Account opened
3. Submitting necessary documents
4. Account closing
5. Depositing and withdrawing money
a.    1, 3, 5, 2, 4
b.    1, 3, 2, 4, 5
c.    1, 3, 2, 5, 4
d.    2, 5, 4, 1, 3

General Knowledge

For the following questions answer them individually

Q1:- Which one of the following is NOT an operating system ?
a.    Unix
b.    Linux
c.    Windows
d.    Intel

Q2:- What is the name of the anti-satellite missile test conducted by DRDO in March 2019 from the Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Island launch complex ?
a.    Mission Akash
b.    Mission Antariksh
c.    Mission Suryamandal
d.    Mission Shakti

Q3:- Who among the following won the '2019 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry'?
a.    Richard Powers
b.    Frank Bidart
c.    Forrest Gander
d.    Andrew Sean Greer

Q4:- Which was India’s first full-length ‘talkie’ film?
a.    Alam Ara
b.    Indrasabha
c.    Shirin Farhad
d.    Bhakta Prahlada

Q5:- When is National Science Day observed in India every year?
a.    15th March
b.    5th May
c.    28th February
d.    2nd January

Quantitative Aptitude

Q4:-The average of four brother is 15 years , If their father included, the average is increased by 5 years . The age of the father (in years )is:
a.    36
b.    38
c.    35
d.    40

Q7:-In which financial year the total of the Exports and Imports is the lowest?
a)    2016-2017
b)    2014-2015
c)    2015-2016
d)    2017-2018

Q8:-A person purchased a vehicle for ₹590828 and sold it for ₹652920. What the profit percentage he earned on this vehicle(correct to two decimal places)?
a)    9.51%
b)    9.55%
c)    10.51%
d)    11.55%

Q10:- :-A man bought 2 articles for₹4158each. He sold one article at 15% loss .Then at what percent profit the other articel should be sold so that no profit/loss percentage is earned.
a)    15%
b)    10%
c)    12%
d)    18%

Q12:-The ratio between the speeds of two trains is 5\colon7.If  the first train covers 300km in 3 hours , then the speed ( in km/h) of the second train is :

English Comprehension

Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word.

Q1:- The child made ______ as he was getting late for school.
a.    haste
b.    rapidity
c.    swiftness
d.    hurry

Q2:- The old man was ______ at the hospital after a long illness.
a.    recuperating
b.    relenting
c.    relaxing
d.    rejoicing

For the following questions answer them individually

Q3:- Identify the most appropriate option to substitute the underlined segment. If no substitution is required, select No substitution.
You must not prevent me to do what I want.
a.    to do what I am wanting
b.    by doing what I wanted
c.    from doing what I want
d.    No substitution

Q4:- Select the most appropriate synonym of the given word.
a.    resistance
b.    assistance
c.    pretence
d.    deference

Select the most appropriate meaning of the given idiom.

Q5:- Turn a deaf ear
a.    to pay attention
b.    to make someone deaf
c.    to pay no heed
d.    to listen carefully 

Q6:- Take to task
a.    to rebuke
b.    to praise
c.    to give an award
d.    to assign work

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