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[Download] SSC GD 5 March 2019 Shift 2 Free Paper PDF

Download SSC (Staff Selection Commission) GD (General Duty) Constable Exam 2018 , Was Held on 5 March 2019 Shift 2 Full PDF With Answers.

Table of Content

Table of Content (toc)

SSC GD 5 March 2019 Shift 2 PDF Download Free

SSC GD 5 March 2019 Shift 2 PDF Download Free
SSC GD 5 March 2019 Shift 2 PDF Download Free

General Intelligence and Reasoning

For the following questions answer them individually
Q1:-Four words have been given out of which three are alike in some manner, while one is different. Choose the odd one.
A.    Cargo
B.    Trolley
C.    Tempo
D.    Truck
Q3:-If 'q' stands for '+' ,'y' stands for '−','z' stands for '÷' and 'p' stands for 'X', then the value of:
A.    41
B.    31
C.    35
D.    45
Q4:-Dates of birth of some persons are given below. Find out the date of birth of the oldest person:
A. 12.08.1989
B. 13.09.1991
C. 19.06.1991
D. 20.02.1989
E. 22.03.1991
F. 20.01.1991
G. 20.12.1989
A.    B
B.    C
C.    G
D.    D
Q5:-The statements below are followed by four conclusions labeled I, II, III and IV. Assuming that the information in the statements is true, even if it appears to be at variance with generally established facts, decide which conclusion(s) logically and definitely follow(s) from the information given in the statements.
Some Linear Equations are Quadratic Equations.
All Quadratic Equations are Algebraic Equations.
I. All Linear Equations are Algebraic Equations.
II. Some Algebraic Equations are Linear Equations.
III. Some Algebraic Equations are Quadratic Equations.
IV. All Quadratic Equations are Linear Equations.
A.    Only I and II follows.
B.    Only II follows.
C.    Only I follows.
D.    Only II and III follow.
Q6:-Select the option that is related to the third term in the same way as the second term is related to the first term. Bees : Hum :: Snakes : ?
A.    Hiss
B.    Hoot
C.    Roar
D.    Talk

General Knowledge and General Awareness

For the following questions answer them individually
Q1:-Minimum Support Price for 2018-19 for Maize is set at ............
A.    ₹2,430 per quintal
B.    ₹1,950 per quintal
C.    ₹1,700 per quintal
D.    ₹5,150 per quintal
Q2:-The Charter Act of 1833 made the Governor-General of ............ as the Governor-General of India and vested in him all civil and military powers.
A.    Oudh State
B.    Bengal
C.    Berar Province
D.    United Provinces
Q3:-The Maithon Dam is in which state?
A.    Chhattisgarh
B.    Jharkhand
C.    Odisha
D.    Madhya Pradesh
Q4:-Which amendment to the constitution introduced the Goods and Services Tax (GST)?
A.    103rd Constitution Amendment Act, 2018
B.    73rd Constitution Amendment Act of 2003
C.    101st Constitution Amendment Act, 2016
D.    92nd Constitution Amendment Act of 2003
Q5:-Which Indian was crowned Miss World Continental Queen of Beauty—Asia & Oceania in 1999?
A.    Dia Mirza
B.    Yukta Mookhey
C.    Reita Faria
D.    Priyanka Chopra
Q6:-Which team won in the 2018 Pro Wrestling League finals?
A.    Punjab Royals
B.    Delhi Sultans
C.    Haryana Hammers
D.    Veer Marathas
Q7:-Name the highest peak of the Satpura range.
A.    Dbupgarh
B.    Kalsubai
C.    Doddabetta
D.    Anamudi


For the following questions answer them individually
Q1:-The mode of the data 26, 32, 26, 28, 26, 24, 31, 24 is:
A.    28
B.    24
C.    31
D.    26
Q3:-Ajay can row his boat in still water, at a speed of 6 kmph. If the speed of the stream is 4 kmph, how long will he take to a distance of 30 km downstream?
A.    2 hours
B.    5 hours
C.    4 hours
D.    3 hours
Q4:-An inlet pipe takes 8 hours to fill a tank. An outlet pipe takes 12 hours to empty it. If both pipes are opened simultaneously, in how many hours will the tank be filled?
A.    36
B.    8
C.    24
D.    12
Q5:-If the profit made by a merchant on selling 45 m of cloth is equal to the selling price of 5m of cloth, then his profit percentage is:
A.    9.09%
B.    12.5%
C.    11.11%
D.    10%
Q6:-Two parallelogram stand on equal bases and between the same parallel. The ratio of their areas is:
A.    1 : 1
B.    2 : 1
C.    1 : 3
D.    1 : 2

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