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[Download] SSC GD 6 March 2019 Shift 2 Free Paper PDF

Download SSC (Staff Selection Commission) GD (General Duty) Constable Exam 2018 , Was Held on 6 March 2019 Shift 2 Full PDF With Answers.

Table of Content

Table of Content (toc)

SSC GD 6 March 2019 Shift 2 PDF Download Free

SSC GD 6 March 2019 Shift 2 PDF Download Free
SSC GD 6 March 2019 Shift 2 PDF Download Free

General Intelligence and Reasoning

For the following questions answer them individually
Q1:-Select the option that is related to the third term in the same way as the second term is related to the first term.
Day: Night :: Morning :_______.
A.    Planet
B.    Star
C.    Air
D.    Evening
Q2:-Six kids are sitting in two rows facing north. Their names are Fuji, Ukain, Yam and Krish, Charlie, Mac. Fuji and Mac are sitting diagonally opposite. Ukain is in the top row and to the immediate right of Fuji. Krish is second to the left of Mac while Yam and Krish are not in the same row. Who is sitting opposite to Charlie?
A.    Krish
B.    Ukain
C.    Yam
D.    Fuji
Q4:-Four words have been given out of which three are alike in some manner, while one is different. Choose the odd one.
A.    Bag
B.    Basket
C.    Bowl
D.    Wheelbarrow
Q6:-In a certain code, SACK is coded as RZBJ, then how is AMOUNT coded in the same way?

General Knowledge and General Awareness

For the following questions answer them individually
Q1:-Who was the world’s first woman amputee to climb Mount Vinson?
A.    Bachendri Pal
B.    Arunima Sinha
C.    Santosh Yadav
D.    Premlata Agarwal
Q2:-Who is the founder of Grameen Bank?
A.    Muhammad Yunus
B.    Abdullah Abu Sayed
C.    Anu Muhammad
D.    Atiur Rahman
Q3:-The magazine in which Mahatma Gandhi mentioned what he wanted the Constitution to do is:
A.    Young India
B.    Harijan
C.    Navajivan
D.    Oriental Magazine
Q4:-When goods are produced by exploiting natural resources, it is an activity associated with:
A.    primary sector
B.    secondary sector
C.    tertiary sector
D.    service sector
Q5:-Who was the first one to use a glass prism to obtain the spectrum of sunlight?
A.    James Clerk Maxwell
B.    Hans Christian Oersted
C.    Albert Einstein
D.    Isaac Newton


Q2:-Rohit and Dinesh are 64 km apart. Rohit can walk at a speed of 15 km/hr and Dinesh at the speed of 17 km/hr. In how many hours will they meet if they are travelling towards each other?
A.    2.5 hour
B.    2 hour
C.    3 hour
D.    1.5 hour
Q3:-A frog was, at the bottom of a 80 m deep well. It attempted to come out of it by jumping. In each jump it covered 1.15 m but slipped down by 0.75 m. The number of jumps after which it would out of the well is:
A.    200
B.    198
C.    201
D.    199
Q4:-Yashwant buys candies at 15 for ₹40 and sells them at 30 for ₹50. What is his gain or loss percent?
A.    37.5% Profit
B.    40 % Loss
C.    36 % Profit
D.    37.5% Loss
Q7:-The average age of Indian cricket team playing in the Capetown test match is 28 years. If the average age of 10 player besides the caption is 27.8 years, then the age of the Caption is:
A.    31 Years
B.    26 Years
C.    25 Years
D.    30 Years
Q8:-The third proportional to 9 and 15 is:
A.    18
B.    36
C.    27
D.    25

English Language

For the following questions answer them individually
Q1:-Select the most appropriate option to substitute the underlined segment in the given sentence. If there is no need to substitute it, select No substitution required. Water and minerals presented to the soil are absorbed by the roots.
A.    present in the soil
B.    presented at the soil
C.    No substitution required
D.    present for the soil
Q2:-Select the word which means the same as the group of words given. One who knows every thing
A.    Omnipotent
B.    Omnipresent
C.    Omniscient
D.    Incredible
Q3:-Select the antonym of the given word. CRITICIZE
A.    Condemn
B.    Commend
C.    Censure
D.    Respect
Q4:-Select the synonym of the given word. REMORSE
A.    Delight
B.    Regret
C.    Joy
D.    Solace
Q5:-Select the meaning of the given idiom. Piping hot
A.    Lukewarm
B.    Steaming hot
C.    Extremely angry
D.    Not too hot

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