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[Download] SSC GD 13 February 2019 Shift 2 Free Paper PDF

Download SSC (Staff Selection Commission) GD (General Duty) Constable Exam 2018 , Was Held on 13 February 2019 Shift 2 Full PDF With Answers.

Table of Content

Table of Content (toc)

SSC GD 13 February 2019 Shift 2 PDF Download Free

SSC GD 13 February 2019 Shift 2 PDF Download Free
SSC GD 13 February 2019 Shift 2 PDF Download Free

General Intelligence and Reasoning

For the following questions answer them individually
Q1:-The statements below are followed by two conclusions labeled I and II. Assuming that the information in the statements is true, even if it appears at variance with generally established facts, decide which conclusion(s) logically and definitely follow(s) from the information given in the statements.
1) All birds are cups.
2) Some cups are cats.
I. All birds are cats.
II. Some cups are birds.
A.    Only conclusion I follows.
B.    Either conclusion I or conclusion II follows.
C.    Both conclusions follow.
D.    Only conclusion II follows.
Q2:-There is only one dictionary in a Library which will be used by 6 students P, Q, R, S, T and U, one by one. S will use it immediately after Q and before P. T will use it immediately after R and before U. R will use the dictionary after P. Who will use the dictionary the last?
A.    Q
B.    P
C.    T
D.    U
Q3:-Ina certain code, CONCOLOGY is written as YGOLOCNOC. How will PALAEOGRAPHY be written in that code?
Q4:-Select the option that will correctly replace the question mark (?) in the series. 7, 18, 40, 73, ?
A.    117
B.    115
C.    127
D.    107
Q8:-Select the option that is related to the third term in the same way as the second term is related to the first term.
Quarrel : War :: Wish : ?
A.    Ask
B.    Desire
C.    Drown
D.    Sad

General Knowledge and General Awareness

For the following questions answer them individually
Q1:-Magnus Carlsen is famous for which of the following sports?
A.    Tennis
B.    Football
C.    Carrom
D.    Chess
Q2:-Which of the following terms is NOT used in the banking field?
A.    Repo rate
B.    Zero hour
C.    Collateral
D.    Interest rate swap
Q3:-From which country did the Indian Constitution borrow the idea of directive principles of state policy?
A.    Britain
B.    Germany
C.    South Africa
D.    Ireland
Q4:-Which of the following ministries presents the Economic Survey in the parliament every year?
A.    Finance
B.    Corporate Affairs
C.    Home Affairs
D.    Commerce
Q5:-As per the text ‘Charaka Samhita’ how many bones are there in a human body?
A.    206
B.    360
C.    370
D.    208


For the following questions answer them individually
Q1:-If C alone can complete two-third part of a work in 12 days, then in how many days C can complete the whole work?
A.    24 days
B.    15 days
C.    8 days
D.    18 days
Q3:-The perimeter of a rectangular table is 60 cm. If the area of the rectangular table is 209 , then what will be the length of the table?
A.    17 cm
B.    19 cm
C.    13 cm
D.    21 cm
Q4:-Marked price of an article is 70% more than its cost price.
After giving a discount of 10%,article is sold for ₹ 1071. What will be the cost price of the article?
A.    ₹ 530
B.    ₹ 590
C.    ₹ 700
D.    ₹ 620
Q5:-A certain sum at compound interest amounts to Rs.7800 for 5 years and for six years to ₹ 9048 (interest is compounded annually). What is the rate of interest?
A.    12%
B.    15%
C.    16%
D.    14%
Q6:-If cost price of an article is ₹ 928 and profit is 15%, then what will be the net profit?
A.    ₹ 154.50
B.    ₹ 139.20
C.    ₹ 212
D.    ₹ 168.40
Q7:-Simple interest for three years for a certain sum at the rate of 15% is ₹ 9000. If the rate of interest becomes 30%, then what will be the simple interest for two years?
A.    ₹27000
B.    ₹4500
C.    ₹12000
D.    ₹9000

English Language

For the following questions answer them individually
Q1:-Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate words. Switch off the air conditioner ........... you will catch a cold.
A.    or
B.    but
C.    and
D.    so
Q2:-Select the most appropriate synonym of the given word. GULLIBLE
A.    Credulous
B.    Knowledgeable
C.    Innocent
D.    Perceptive
Q3:-Select the most appropriate option to substitute the underlined segment in the given sentence. If there is no need to substitute it, select No improvement. The state government has announced that it was giving financial helps to the economically weaker sections of society.
A.    will give financial help
B.    will give financial helps
C.    Gives financial helps
D.    No improvement.
Q4:-Select the most appropriate antonym of the given word. ABSURD
A.    guilty
B.    sensible
C.    sincere
D.    ridiculous
Q5:-Select the most appropriate meaning of the given idiom. At one’s wits end
A.    To disagree with something
B.    Not knowing what to do
C.    Without aim or purpose
D.    To take note of something

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