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[Download] SSC GD 15 February 2019 Shift 1 Free Paper PDF

Download SSC (Staff Selection Commission) GD (General Duty) Constable Exam 2018 , Was Held on 15 February 2019 Shift 1 Full PDF With Answers.

Table of Content

Table of Content (toc)

SSC GD 15 February 2019 Shift 1 PDF Download Free

SSC GD 15 February 2019 Shift 1 PDF Download Free
SSC GD 15 February 2019 Shift 1 PDF Download Free

General Intelligence and Reasoning 

For the following questions answer them individually
Q1:-Eight friends A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting around circular table facing each other for a lunch. A is opposite D and third to the right of B. G is between A and F.H is to the right of A. E is between C and D. Who is sitting third to the right of H?
A.    F
B.    B
C.    D
D.    G
Q2:- The statements below are followed by two conclusions labeled I and II. Assuming that the information in the statements is true, even if it appears at variance with generally established facts, decide which conclusion(s) logically and definitely follow(s) from the information given in the statements.
1) Some rubies are garments.
2) Some garments are garnets.
I. Some rubies are garnets.
II. No ruby is a garnet.
A.    Only conclusion II follows.
B.    Only conclusion I follows.
C.    Both conclusions follow.
D.    Either conclusion I or conclusion II follows.
Q5:-J, KL, M, N and are six teachers. Each one teaches a different subject out of Hindi, English, Math, Science, Social Science and Arts, not necessarily in the same order. Each of them teaches on only one day, from Monday to Saturday, not necessarily in the same order. J teaches Science on Wednesday. O teaches Math second day after J. K teaches on the first day of the week, but teaches neither Hindi nor English. M teaches English before N and L teaches Arts before J. Which subject is taught between Thursday and Saturday?
A.    English
B.    Math
C.    Social Science
D.    Science
Q7:-Select the option that will correctly replace the question mark (?) in the series. 100, 96, 80, 44, ?
A.    64
B.    20
C.    -20
D.    16
Q8:- Select the option that is related to the third term in the same way as the second term is related to the first term. Artificial : Natural :: Answer : ?
A.    Question
B.    Reply
C.    Problem
D.    Solution
Q9:-Choose the odd number out of the given options.
A.    21
B.    63
C.    49
D.    37

General knowledge And Awareness 

For the following questions answer them individually
Q1:-The tomb of Sher Shah Suri is situated in:
A.    Sikandara
B.    Burhanpur
C.    Jabalpur
D.    Sasaram
Q2:-Which of the following cities is associated with the Kumbh Mela?
A.    Meerut
B.    Ujjain
C.    Mathura
D.    Varanasi
Q3:-Which of the following Hindu shrines is recently declared as a National Heritage by the Government of Pakistan?
A.    Katas Raj
B.    Panj Tirath
C.    Varun dev temple
D.    Hinglaj Mata temple
Q4:-Who is the winner of the Women’s Singles Indonesian Masters Badminton tournament 2019?
A.    Arundhati Pantawane
B.    Shivani Gadde
C.    Saina Nehwal
D.    P.V. Sindhu
Q5:-Choose the correct group of diseases that are spread by air:
A.    Cholera, Typhoid, Tuberculosis
B.    Tuberculosis. Pneumonia. Influenza
C.    Warts, common cold, cough
D.    AIDS, Typhoid, Pneumonia


For the following questions answer them individually
Q1:-A sum of ₹ 10000 is lent on simple interest at the rate of 15% per annum. What is the difference between Simple interest for 6 years and the simple interest for 2 years?
A.    ₹4000
B.    ₹8000
C.    ₹6000
D.     ₹4500
Q2:-What is the mean of the given data? 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
A.    4
B.    4.5
C.    5.5
D.    5
Q3:-A train is moving with a uniform speed. Train crosses a bridge of length 243 meters in 30 seconds and a bridge of length 343 meters in 36 seconds. What is the speed of the train?
A.    60 km/hr
B.    72 km/hr
C.    64 km/hr
D.    65 km/hr
Q4:-The area of a square and a rectangle are equal. The length of the rectangle is greater than the side of square by 9 cm and its breadth is less than the side of square by 6 cm. What will be the perimeter of the rectangle?
A.    84 cm
B.    74 cm
C.    78 cm
D.    76 cm
Q5:-A car covers a certain distance at a speed of 54 km/hr in 7 hours. What should be the speed of car to cover the same distance in 6 hours?
A.    72 km/hr
B.    56 km/hr
C.    63 km/hr
D.    54 km/hr

English Language

For the following questions answer them individually
Q1:-Select the option that means the same as the given idiom. To keep someone at arm’s length.
A.    To avoid someone
B.    To be near someone
C.     To disturb someone
D.     To love someone
Q2:-Select the most appropriate word to fill in the blank. You must .......... hard to get the best deal.
A.    navigate
B.    neglect
C.    negate
D.    negotiate
Q3:-Select the most appropriate option to substitute the underlined segment in the given sentence. If there is no need to substitute it, select No Improvement. The work on two projects are already going on which will connect Leh-Ladakh by railway line and air.
A.    No improvement.
B.    is already going on
C.    is already go on
D.    is already going up
Q4:-Select the word which means the same as the group of words given. One who feeds on human flesh
A.    Cannibal
B.    Omnivorous
C.    Vegan
D.    Carnivorous
Q5:-Select the correctly spelt word.
A.    Apelling
B.    Appeeling
C.    Appeling
D.    Appealing

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